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Acne Specialist in Jacksonville

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Welcome to The Skin Alcove. I'm Anita and I'm a licensed skin therapist with 5 years of hands on experience and a focus to delivering you transformative skin solutions. The Skin Alcove blends the indulgent, spa-like environment with results driven facials to give you the best of both worlds: wellness and skin correction.

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meet Anita

The before and after in my hands is my own. It's my guiding light to entering the world of esthetics in 2019. Everyone, well meaning or no, tried to give me advice on my skin. I tried the diet and exercise route. I drank a lot of water. I washed my face, at one point obsessively. When I started college, the last straw for me was going to a dermatologist. That experience made me feel uncared I was just another 5 minute conversation and a written prescription. We'd tried birth control, antibiotics, topical creams, and finally the dermatologist suggested accutane. In my experience, it felt like a threat. Why throw a nuclear bomb onto my whole system to treat what's on my face? There must be someone who can offer targeted advice for people like me?

I then became obsessed with beauty Youtube. It transitioned from looking for makeup techniques to hide my acne to how to help your acne. I would try beauty youtubers skincare routines and feel frustrated by the $1000s of dollars wasted. I felt like I was being sold their skincare routines...and I was. It finally took one beauty youtuber to say she sees what's called an esthetician, a skincare therapist who's focus is getting to know your skin in an intimate setting to guide you to your skin goals. Customization, time, and care were what kept bringing me back to where an esthetician fits into the beauty world. I unsubscribed from beauty youtubers and started following estheticians. I read their blogs, watched their Instagram lives, and eventually do you even become one? This was no longer just about clearing and controlling my acne, I wanted to bring this joy and fulfillment to others. 

In June of 2017 I left my job in corporate America and took the leap. I enrolled into the esthetics program at Alpha. Their program had the highest required hours in Jacksonville and I loved how much they emphasized hands on. Alpha gave me a strong foundation with over double the required hours for an esthetics license in Florida. I had the skillset to deliver beautiful facials that left people radiating from their soul. They loved my facial massage technique and I naturally have a "very chill vibe" as people often describe me. It was, to me, a match made in heaven. But something was missing.

My why was to help people with their skin conditions. Alpha was only scratching the surface. That's when my advanced education kicked in. Instead of the $1000s of dollars in skincare sold to me by beauty youtubers, I spent $10000s on advanced education from trusted institutions to become the esthetician I wanted to be. 

Fast forward to 2024. I'm a dual certified acne specialist, dual certified dermaplaning specialist, expert in treating pigmentation in multi-ethnic skin, and have enriched my knowledge base. I was finally at a point to say: I can do this. I can be that transformative esthetician for others. You won't get the cold, clinical appointments that are in and out like at dermatologist offices. You won't feel like you're being sold to like beauty youtubers. You'll have curated experiences that care about your well being and skincare needs, inside and outside of the treatment room. 

I've been where you are. Let me help you get to where you want to be. I'm here for you.


I'm always looking forward to meeting and treating new faces. Let's connect!

Hours of Operation (by appointment only):

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm

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